Nick Moon owns, runs and maintains the first two of these sites. The other two are client sites.


'JustClaim' is a web site that provides information and guidance to using the 'small claims' procedure in the english & welsh county courts.

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This web-site started out, many years ago, as the help files for a software package that assisted users to complete the court claim form (Form N1). The original software is long defunct, but the help files live on as the JustClaim web-site.

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This web-site contains a guide to using the Late Payment legislation as part of credit control or debt collection activities.

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Like the JustClaim web-site, this was originally part of a bigger software project.

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TAGFRESH is probably the simplest, easiest-to-use air freshener on the market. No liquids, no aerosols, no batteries and no special dispenser required. Simply open the packet and hang it up!

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Nick designed and built this site using an in-house content management system (CMS).

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Teepol was the name given to the first synthetic detergent, developed in the UK by Shell Chemicals during the 1930s. It is therefore the longest established detergent brand in the world and was the first ever detergent to be manufactured in the UK.

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This web-site provides details for the product range of the current UK manufacturers.

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