Outlook 2007 setup

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Before setting up any of the email clients listed you need to know the following information:

Item Example value
Incoming (POP3/IMAP) mail server mail.nixsoft.net
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server smtp.nixsoft.net
Account type POP3 or IMAP
User name tom@foobar
Password **********

Outlook 2007

Select Tools|Account Settings... from the menu. Then on the E-mail tab, select New....

You then get shown a series of dialog pages, each requiring one or two boxes to be completed. The first should be set to select the IMAP/POP3 option - as shown


On the second box, just tick the option to Manually configure server settings; as the automatic process doesn't quite work.


Next select the option that includes the abbreviation: IMAP/POP3.


This is followed by a page requiring details about the mail server. Put in your name and the email address (e.g. tom@foobar.co.uk) in the first two boxes. The account type should be set to either IMAP or POP3. The Incoming mail server should be set to mail.nixsoft.net and the Outgoing mail server to smtp.nixsoft.net

The User Name should be set to tom@foobar, and the Password to *********. You may want to tick the box to Remember Password. [Replace with your actual values!]


Before going onto the next page, you should click on 'More Settings...' This button won't be enabled until all the other boxes have been filled in.


Select the third tab 'Outgoing Server' on this new dialog. The checkbox that says requires authentication needs to be checked, and the option to use the same settings as the incoming mail server should be selected. Once done, close the dialog by pressing the OK button.

Click on next to get to the last page of the New Email wizard - and then press Finish.


You should now try sending/receiving messages for this account.

For an IMAP account you may wish to make the following additional changes. Use the menu to go back to Tools|Account Settings..., select the new email account just created and edit it by clicking on the Change... button. Then select More Settings...

On the new dialog, select the Folders tab.


Change the selection to the second option, 'Choose an existing folder ...'. You then need to select the Sent folder - or some other folder if you prefer. This will be where emails you send get stored either for other co-workers to see or to be visible on other devices.

You should now be done. You may get messages, wanting to refresh or synchronise folder lists - say yes to these if asked.