Setting up email

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Here are some general notes for setting up email for accounts hosted by nixsoft. Normal experience is - it won't work first time but usually there is only a minor tweak required. Specific instructions for specific devices or email clients are at the bottom of this page.

Before starting you will need certain information - server names, email account names and passwords. This should be something like this. Server information:

Item Example value
Incoming (POP3/IMAP) mail server
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server

You will also need to know the account name, user names and passwords for each email account. Assume that your account name is 'foobar' and you have three users: tom, dick and harry. Then account details will look like this:

user@account [password] Account type
tom@foobar [************] POP3 or IMAP
dick@foobar [************] POP3 or IMAP
harry@foobar [************] POP3 or IMAP

In the rest of these notes wherever you see foobar you should replace it with your account name. Wherever you see tom replace it with your user's name.

Webmail interface

Far and away the most useful facility when setting up email is the webmail option. Go to: You may hate webmail, you may be determined never to use it, you may think it's a distraction or a complete waste of space. Don't care - doesn't matter, when setting up an email client, webmail is your best friend!

The benefit of webmail is it allows you to test all the parts of the email system other than the device/program you are trying to setup. So you can check the user name, account name, password and such like. If you can't get the email client to work, first thing to do, is to try to login to webmail with the same settings. If it doesn't work there is no point in continuing trying to setup the client - you have the wrong info.

Webmail is also useful to check you can send messages and to check that incoming email is getting to the server.

webmail interface

To login type the username and password into the boxes. The full username consists of user@accountname. For example: tom@foobar. Just to emphasise, typing in just the user name (tom) will NOT work. And typing in the email address e.g also will NOT work. It has to be the user@accountname.

Setting up specific email clients

Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad devices

Specific instructions for Apple devices are here.

GMail on Android devices


Mozilla Thunderbird


Outlook Express and MS Windows Mail

Specific instructions for Outlook Express are here.

On Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later this has been renamed to Windows Mail or Microsoft Mail. However the instructions are in general the same (or until I can find screen shots of these programs).

Outlook 2007 and older versions

Specific instructions for Outlook 2007 are here.