Provide your master password/phrase.
Optional. Generate different passwords for different clients.
name or abbreviation for site, user or service.

Password Generator v2.1

This password generator offers a way to handle multiple passwords. It is an alternative to:

  1. using the same password everywhere,
  2. writing your passwords down,
  3. trusting an online service to keep your passwords safe.

This web-page requires you to enter a master password and then re-generates the same password for each site/service/user as and when you need it.

To use this page you need a single password or pass-phrase that you are able to remember. You will also need a way of identifying web sites or online services you use. So when you want to login to, you need your master password and a way of identifying that site - perhaps foobar, or even raboof.

This version now provides an option to also provide a client name/reference. useful if you have to generate passwords for your clients. [version 1].