JS Tool-kit

This web based application lets you edit and manipulate javascript, JSON, HTML and CSS format files.

Click on the button below to continue and then use the main menu at the right to open files. The menu also provides a number of additional options (see below).


Edit in browser

Files can be edited in the browser (currently no save facilities). Open files from local hard disk or download from a URL.

Syntax highlighting

Files are displayed with syntax highlighting. In addition to Javascript and JSON, also supports HTML, XML and CSS.

Code completion

Editor provides code completion suggestions as-you-type. Support for Javascript, HTML and CSS.

JSLint checking

Javascript files are checked automatically with JSLint; warning of possible problems. Similar checking is applied to JSON files.


Minifies/uglifies a javascript file. Also do the reverse, unminify/beautify.

RegExp tool

Create and test RegExp (regular expressions) before inserting them into a script.

escape strings

Do one of the commmon string escaping processes. Includes C style, XML and URI encoding.