desktop software

Some example desktop software projects. All of these were written in the Borland Delphi programming language. More recently some work has been done in C#. Most of these applications are fairly old and are showing their age. On the other hand - they are still in regular use!

ABS Cases

ABS Cases are a specialist manufaturing company based in East London. They produce flight cases for many of the top names in the entertainment and conference industries.

They run a number of bespoke software packages developed by Nick Moon over a number of years. Initial versions were developed in Borland Turbo Pascal and later in Delphi. The largest of these is a specialist CAD style program for creating and costing up the case designs. This has been in continuous daily use for well over 15 years.

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Nick wrote this many years ago, as a way of keeping track of various problems with Borland's Database Engine (BDE). It only survives on this web-site because, amazingly, there are still some people downloading it.

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Syntax highlighting, multi-page text editor for XML and XML like files. Includes context sensitive help, XML checking and validation. Can import from HTML and can be used to generate files from source XML and suitable XSL transformation style sheets.

Nick wrote this text editor, as a way of teaching himself XSLT. At the time, he didn't have any easy way of editing some XML and XSL files and then testing them out. The software was written entirely in Delphi (D7) and made extensive use of the TSynEdit component. Help files are all in HTML and the installer was created using Inno Setup. It also works as a fairly general purpose text editor for any of the common web file formats.

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