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ABS Cases

ABS Cases are a specialist manufacturing company based in East London. They produce flight cases for many of the top names in the entertainment and conference industries.

They run a number of bespoke software packages developed by Nick Moon over a number of years. Initial versions were developed in Borland Turbo Pascal and later in Delphi. The largest of these is a specialist CAD style program for creating and costing up the case designs. This has been in continuous daily use for well over 15 years.

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STAGETEXT is a registered charity which provides captioning and live speech-to-text services in theatres and other arts and cultural venues.

Nick Moon was asked to do some consultancy work looking at the feasibility of using speech recognition software and also hand held devices for live captioning. He had already doen some speech recognition software work and had previously worked in professional theatre.

The bulk of the work was in the preparation of a couple of reports and in testing the main speech recognition software packages. Small amounts of software were written simply to evalaute certain options or to allow for some testing. Although the amount of sftware written was very small it covered a number of languages: Delphi, C#, Javascript and Flash ActionScript.

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Speciality Software

Speciality Software is an independent consultancy. Nick has done a fair amount of work for them, originally in Delphi. More recent projects have tended to be in C# (.net and mono) or various web technologies.

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Teepol was the name given to the first synthetic detergent, developed in the UK by Shell Chemicals during the 1930s. It is therefore the longest established detergent brand in the world and was the first ever detergent to be manufactured in the UK. Teepol Products manufacture and sell a wide range of cleaning products.

Nick Moon has maintained this site for a number of years. The site's content and the visual presentation are kept separate and a custom CMS is used to generate the output. This has allowed existing content to be re-used over the last two or three visual designs. The custom CMS also takes care of generating google sitemaps and product listings.

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