Version History



2007-2008 (1..11)

Original version of nixCMS. Used XSLT to merge source .page files from content folders with templates/css themes kept in site folder.

Later code added to support generation of PDF from content pages.

2012 (12..14)

Much simplified version of nixCMS. Themes, Admin controls, rich text editor, PDF generating code all removed. Simple single theme/XSL stylesheet transforms .html files in content folder.

2015 (15..16)

Incorporates a variety of features from earlier versions and from other projects.

Adds: globals.xml feature, internal search box, generation of google style sitemap, generation of RSS feed. Also supports simple blog folder. Basic templates include bootstrap CSS (from CDN) for page layout/theme.

Adds editing capabilites, using rich text or plain HTML. Also includes some file management and file upload functions.