Nick Moon

Nick Moon is a software and application developer based near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. This site contains links to some of the projects for which he has been responsible.

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desktop software

Nick is an experienced computer programmer and has written a number of often quite complex desktop applications. Most work has been in Delphi with a smaller amount of and mono. Desktop software developement probably makes up the majority of work done, although less so in recent years.

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web-sites and apps

Nick knows his way round most of the web standards [HTML5 CSS3 JS JSON Ajax XML XHTML XSLT]. He has significant expertise and experience with Javascript.

However he is more a software developer than a graphic designer - you can probably tell.

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Most clients are small businesses but the range is quite varied. In most cases, the relationship has existed for many years

In addition, some work is done via agencies or sub-contracting to other software development companies.

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These pages contains additional information for clients who have their hosting with nixsoft.

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JS Tools

A variety of tools Nick has created for various programming tasks. On-line tools include: JSLint, XPath evaluator, RegExpr tester, JSON checker and string escaper.

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